2021 Global Retail Brand Supply Chain Conference (Shanghai)

The theme of the conference is "focusing on the supply chain and integrating new retail", gathering industry associations, well-known domestic and foreign department stores, new retail enterprise e-commerce platforms, channel dealers, e-commerce platforms, research institutions and other industry "top" big coffee, the whole process. "Real thing" sharing, from a "supply chain" perspective, comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the retail brand development path under the new pattern.

2021 China Social New Retail Summit Forum

Standing at the beginning of social new retail, where is the current outlet? How to grasp? 2021 China Social New Retail Summit Forum invites Heavy Guest from the entire network TOP social & community group purchase platform founder and practical mentor to bring all-day Real thing sharing from the perspective of business model, platform operation, case analysis, trend development, etc. The enterprise wins the social new retail.