The year 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, disrupting the original rhythm of economic operation. With the introduction of favorable policies and various economic stimulus policies, market recovery is coming, and "consumption reserves" will usher in an outbreak. We will usher in a new round of economic and consumption growth.

As an important part of residents' daily necessities, the daily necessities industry has formed a petascale market scale under the trend of "consumption upgrade". Taking the development of the industry as an opportunity, the first exhibition of the general merchandise industry in 2021-Shanghai International Consumer Goods Fair & Modern Lifestyle Expo(Spring) is committed to building a professional and efficient full-category, one-stop procurement platform for the daily merchandise business field. People in the upstream and downstream industries bring business opportunities and excellent exhibition and visit experience.

Ingenious operation, leading the new product market CCF trend throughout the year. The display category encompasses the entire industry chain of daily necessities and gathers high-quality products to meet the purchasing needs of customers under the new consumption concept. CCF 2021 will be held at the same time with AWE 2021 (Appliance&electronics world Expo). The scale is more grand! The service is more professional!